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Karen Collins and Amanda Clegg are both experienced science teachers and senior leaders with a real passion for maths in science and purposeful practical work. Having spent the last 5 years delivering bespoke, engaging training and producing useful resources for busy teachers we decided to start Science Ed Infinitum. We are delighted to invite you to explore our new site, which is still under construction. We have spent a lot of time working on areas of the science curriculum which can be difficult to teach. We have focused on deconstructing ‘Working scientifically’ and ‘Mathematics in Science’ linking them to research and reconstructing them into resources and training which can be applied to the science classroom.

Recent projects include:
·      ‘How I teach maths in science‘ with the Education Endowment Fund 
·      ‘Investigative practical science in the curriculum: Making it happen‘ with the British Science Association 
·      Generation of curriculum resources to support the teaching of KS3 Working Scientifically as part of a DfE TCAF bid for an academy trust.

Karen Collins


Karen Collins is an experienced science teacher and senior leader with a real passion for maths in science and purposeful practical work. Karen has devised and delivered training and CPD to large groups of teachers and school leaders. She is a Chartered Educational Assessor and a Chartered Science Teacher.

Amanda K Clegg


Amanda Clegg is an experienced science teacher and senior leader with a particular interest in making sure practical work is meaningful, purposeful and engaging. Amanda is an accredited Senior CPD and online-learning facilitator and an author of scientific resources for a number of organisations.

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What some of our partners and customers are saying about the way we work

Science Learning Partnership Strategic Lead, Oxfordshire and Reading SLP: “I have worked with Amanda and Karen for several years they have run training for me, remotely and face to face, together an separately on many occasions – and I have run training collaboratively with Amanda many times, as well as participating in training they have run at conferences, online, at network meetings and bespoke sessions for my science department.  Their work is inspirational and relevant – always meticulously researched and up to date, using practical applications relevant to the context of each session.  Whether I have asked them to adapt existing CPD materials or plan new ones from scratch, the result has always been high quality, engaging, interactive and pitched at exactly the right level.  Both Amanda and Karen respond to the needs of those in the session and deliver well paced CPD that is as useful for experienced teachers like me as it is for those new to the profession.  They have the skills to put everyone at ease in a session and to make all contributions valued and welcome, making any CPD they deliver, whether it be in person or online, extremely motivating, valuable and worthwhile for all participants.  The feedback I have received for session that they have delivered has consistently been overwhelmingly positive and I could not recommend them highly enough. ”  Claire Hamnett

What an eye-opener! Karen was a great presenter: knowledgeable, motivational and full of fantastic ideas! We really enjoyed our session with Karen, and came away with some excellent practical ideas that we implemented immediately. She was able to open our eyes to a new way of thinking about teaching and learning, and left us with some straight forward plans that will help our students make more progress. I’d highly recommend Karen.Ian, Leicestershire

“Amanda and Karen provided a highly professional service, producing and delivering high-quality research-led CPD for our Science team. Their expertise and experience was invaluable.” River Learning TrustTom Boulter Director of Education (Secondary)

Karen and Amanda worked on a project for the British Science Association supporting teachers to run STEM projects in curriculum time and were instrumental in the success of the project. They were very professional, with work always completed in a timely manner. They were selected for this role as they are knowledgeable about the education system in the UK and in particular the curriculum and the experiences of teachers. The project was research-led, with Karen and Amanda supporting teachers throughout and proving effective communicators, keeping teachers on track and ensuring the project was completed within timeframe.” Caitlin Brown, British Science Association.

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